As a business in a village called Lanivet, we pride ourselves on our commitment to running a business focused on sustainability. As a business wherever possible, we use the wealth of fresh local produce around us. By doing this we are ensuring the money we spend also helps other local businesses around us.

We also focus on minimises our impact on the environment, by minimising the waste that we produce, recycling wherever possible and reducing our energy consumption as a business.

Supporting our local community and economy

Where ever possible we source our food locally making good use of the wealth of fresh local produce around us. By doing this we are also supporting our local economy and providing sustainable local employment. Some of our suppliers include;
Meat – Button Meats (Bodmin) Fish – Fish for Thought (Bodmin) Fruit and vegetables – Westcountry (St.Austell) and Total Produce (Bodmin) Dairy – Rodda’s (Redruth) Coffee – Cornish Coffee (Redruth). We employ local people and invest in training them offering them opportunities to gain qualifications which they can use throughout their lives.
Many of our staff either walk or cycle to work and some also car share on a regular basis. As a business we also work closely with other local businesses promoting each other’s services and offers for mutual benefits.

Waste and recycling

We aim to keep the amount of waste that we create to an absolute minimum and recycle everything we can from the waste that we do produce.
Single use plastics – We no longer use any plastic straws in our business and have now replaced these with paper ones. We have also tried to go a step further with this by; replacing plastic stirrers with wooden ones, our coffee biscuits no longer come with a plastic wrapper, we have also started serving our peanuts in glass reusable holders instead of purchasing the individual wrapped options. We also only use biodegradable takeaway containers and encourage our suppliers to be proactive in this area also. This is an area we will continue to look for ways to help reduce this further.

We recycle all our paper, plastic, cardboard and tins on a weekly basis. Our cooking oil is recycled and converted into renewable energy. Our main form of communication is through email to reduce the amount of paper that we waste.


We aim to use a variety of methods to help reduce our energy consumption and the impact this has on our environment. Examples of this are as follows:
In 2017 we invested in a new kitchen installing all new, energy efficient equipment.
Our lighting has been changed to LED lighting. With motion sensors in our cellar and toilets to further reduce energy consumption. Our outdoor lighting is also on a timer to ensure lighting is only on when needed.

Our heating and water are all on timers to avoid them running consistently throughout the day when not needed. Our cellar cooling system is also on a timer to help in this area. Our lighting have all been installed on separate circuits to allow us to turn off different areas when not in use. Our staff are also trained to turn electrical equipment off when not in use.We have also installed energy efficient hand dryers in all our toilets.